7.5′ snow way plow, rare find – just not that many for sale.
Great personal plow or for light commercial. Universal fit center bracket mount is there, but I, or you can build to mate to your truck. This Snow Way plow uses a Fenner pump, Fluid Powerhouse carries parts for these.
Asking $2000.00 plus tax as seen. I can have on your truck with mounts , lights and labour in 1 day for $3,000.00 plus tax.

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In this position the blade is angled to either left or right side of the vehicle. Use this position for windrowing or widening after the first pass.

How to Windrow
With the blade angled to the left or right side of the vehicle, make consecutive passes -each time throwing the snow forward and to the side. This technique is useful to clear large areas such as parking lots.

In this position the blade is positioned directly in front of the vehicle. Use this position for backdragging, removing a large windrow or cleaning up at the end of the job.

How to Backdrag
To remove snow from the edge of a building, raise the blade and drive forward to the building. Lower the blade, then back up while pulling the snow away from the building. You should backdrag only two or three truck lengths before turning around. You can then back into the cleared area and push snow forward. Your plow will be more effective when pushing snow than when backdragging over long distances.
At the end of the job, adjust the blade to the Straight-position and push snow directly ahead–cleaning up any spill off left from previous plowing.

In deep snow raise the plow several inches off the ground to shear off the top layer. If you have a Power-V Plow, use the V-position for the first pass. Then change to the Scoop or Angle-position to widen things out. You should push just enough snow with each pass to get the job done efficiently without overloading your equipment. A good rule of thumb is to use a full blade width for two inches of snow or less, three quarters of the blade for four inches of snow and a half blade for six inches of snow or more.

The best advice is this: Once you start, finish the job. Wet snow left in windrows overnight can freeze and turn into tank traps by morning.

If you are looking for a used snow plow in London Ontario, visit Rick McMullin’s website for a full list of used snow plows in London Ontario.

You want to make sure that the used snow plowyou buy from London Ontario is in good condition, will attach properly to the type of vehicle that you own, and will easily tackle the job you need done. Since you will be attaching and removing the snow plow from your vehicle depending on the weather, you should purchase a snow plow model that is easy to attach or remove. It is best to buy used snow plows that are made by companies that offer warranties or that can easily provide replacement parts or instructions if needed. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have the room to store the type of used snow plow you are looking to purchase when not in use.

Buying used snow plows isn’t for everyone, but if you live in an area of London Ontario that receives a good deal of snowfall, have an area that is large and takes a long time to shovel or snowblow, and have a truck, SUV, ride-on mower, or garden tractor that can handle a snow plow attachment, then making the decision to buy a used snow plow may be a good choice and a good investment. It is even a decision that can net you some extra money during the winter season, which is a definite added bonus. So, before you decide that owning a used snow plow isn’t for you, consider the pros and cons of used snow plows and you may be surprised to find that it is a great snow removal option for you.

This list is a good place to find cheap used snow plows in London Ontario for pickups. In some parts of the country snow plows are almost a necessity in other parts it might only be used once a year but there is no reason to go out and spend a ton of money when there are good used snow plows in London Ontario for pickups just waiting to be purchased. So if you are needing a snow plow for personal use or are wanting to start your own snow removal business take a look at some of the places we found that can hook you up with just the right used snow plow.

Finding Used Snow Plows for Pickups

Some of the more obvious places to look for cheap used snow plows are eBay, craigslist, your local news papers classifieds, and even the free trader magazines at the corner gas station. These may be obvious to some but you can find some of the best deals around from this site.

Words of caution, before you purchase a used snow plow look it over very carefully any unnoticed major defects could end up costing more to fix than the plow is worth. Even if it is in good shape be sure to do a back ground check on the manufacturer to see if parts are still available for any future problems you don’t want to get stuck with a plow that can’t be fixed.

Best Time to Buy Used Snow Plows in London Onatario for Pickups

One of the best times of year to look for cheap used snow plows in London Ontario is right before winter and right after the snow season or late in the spring. People getting out of snow removal business or upgrading or what have you will be looking to let go of their old plows which is a good thing for you.

Hopefully with the help of this article you find a great deal on a used snow plow in London Ontario for your pickup.

Snowplow prices in London Ontario – what are the choices? Well years ago this was a much simpler answer and a lot easier then today. Why is that? Because there are so many different models and variations then the snowplows of years ago. I have always started off with simple method when it comes to truck snowplow equipment. I feel you always want to over spec the plow you need instead of getting into a snow plow that is under qualified to do the work you need it to.

With this is mind, whatever you buy will last through your work load with no break down. Plow prices are basically determined by how many options, features and the size and style you need to plow. Most of the time the determining factor in buying snowplow equipment, is; Should I replace my old plow because it is slow, or some parts are going to wear out soon and will be costly to replace.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the improvements in plow designs in the last few years compared to 10 years ago. A new plow comes with few problems, and with much more options from a straight blade to vee plows to gang plows.

I look at used snow plow prices , because a new snowplow is basically an investment in a piece of snowplow equipment , that should operate flawless for a duration of years with no other investment except its maintenance, but it is often not worth the cost of buying new when you can get a quality used one for way less.. That’s why used snow plow prices in London Ontario are important and should be considered negotiable to a point.

The best time to shop for your used plow is not during high demand season.

The first thing I do with the snowplow prices is go to some snowplow forums and hear what the users are saying about some of the brands. I would ask questions about the products. I would want to hear there likes and dislikes as well as their application of use. The application is important you want to make sure the plow is being used the same way you would be looking to use it.

Once I found the plow I think I would need I would then try to find the next plow up in size. I have always like to buy a piece of equipment that is made a little heavier than what I need because I want To last. Then I would start to shop down the prices of the plow I want.

Ok so lets go over what we spoke about with snow plow prices. The first evaluation is what are you going to be using the snow plow for? Residential plowing commercial plowing, parking lots roads? Investigate what plow you feel fits your truck, watch your front end weight. Go to the forums and read about what the user are saying about the plow you are interested in. Then when you are ready to buy make sure it is off season or at the end of the season!

Are you interested in buying a used snow plow in London Ontario? Hey what the heck it could be cheaper then a new snow plow. Maybe? I guess that all depends on what you are going to do with the plow you are looking at to buy. The first thing, I would have to think about, if I was looking to buy a used snow plow, is what am I going to do with it? Will the snow plow be used for just my driveway? Could it be used for a residential snow plow account’s mainly driveway work?

The answer to this questions is of major importance. OK, for the first application if your plowing just you own driveway an older snow plow that is being retired is fine. So long as all the major components of the plow work.

If you are doing residential work you want thoroughly check out the snow plow before buying because now that plow is your reputation.

Customers do not like to be informed that their driveway wont be ready for them to go to work because your plow broke down. So keep that in mind,when you are looking for a used snow plow that’s for sale. You have to check out all the
major components.  Run the plow makes sure everything works as it is supposed to.

Cycle the plow many times not just once or twice why?, because, it takes a few cycles to warm up the hydraulic oil in snowplows system. That is usually when the seals so wear and start to leak, and need to be replaced. After the inspection, if everything seems up to snuff and in good working order then make the seller a fair offer. Try not to wait to long, because if the truck is in good shape and everything is fine someone will buy it. Time is money you do no want to spend the plow season looking for a truck, especially if you found what you are looking for.

Looking for a good place to get a great used plow?  Check out this link.